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Medical Ventilator

Superior Mobile ICU ventilator
• Comprehensive ICU ventilator incorporating BIVENT and PRVC
• Compact, big capacity battery, no air compressor, intra-hospital mobility
• Flexible device construction: equipped on a trolley, bed or ceiling pendant
Cost Effective Solution
• Unique metal-centered, autoclavable, heated exhalation valve
• Built-in circulation sensor, non-consumable design
• Upgradeable ventilation system software program, with an available USB port

Screen size 15.6 in diagonalDisplay type Active matrix color TFT LCDDisplay quality VGA resolution, 1366 x 768Primary patient outlet ISO 22M/15FOxygen inlet DISS or NIST maleVentilation settings Blower get Spn-CPAP,PC-CMV,PC-ACV,PC-SIMV,PC-Dual PAP,PC-AMV,PC-APRV,PC-MMV,VC-CMV,VC-ACV,VC-SIMVSpecial features manual breath, O2 therapy, standby, screen-lock, inspiratory keep, expiratory hold, sigh, ATC,PCVR,PPS,Compliance,p0.1,
o2 suctionPatient types adult/pediatric/NeonatePatient heightadjustableReal-time waveforms Paw, Flow, Quantity, EtCO2, SPO2Optional CO2, SPO2 (related parameters)Loops P-V, V-Flow, Stream- PTrends s, 5s, 1min, 10min, 30min, 60minTidal volume 10 to 2000mLPEEP/CPAP 0 to 40 cmH2OOxygen 21 to 100%Inspiratory time (TI) 0.2 to 5 sPressure trigger OFF, -0.5 to -20cmH2OFlow induce OFF, 0.2 to 15L/minPressure control 5 to 90 cmH2O, added to PEEP/CPAPPressure support 0 to 90 cmH2O, added to PEEP/CPAPPressure ramp 1% to 50% of inspiratory timeExpiratory trigger sensitivity (ETS) OFF, 5 to 90 % of inspiratory peak flowPeak stream Spontaneous > 210 L/minInput voltage
100 to 120 V ~ ±10 %, 50 / 60 Hz AC or 24 VDC±10 %interfaceUSB, NET, RS232, VGA

An Optimal Mix of Invasive and Noninvasive Ventilator
As noninvasive ventilation can be used increasingly in an array of clinical situations, we give a dual solution. combines the advantages of a flexible noninvasive ventilator with a full-featured invasive ventilator for the ICU.

Simplicity: easy to use, simple to move with 4 tires.
Choice: adapt the gear to your sufferers and procedures freely
Patient Centered Ventilation: Precision in an anesthesia ventilator, from regular ventilation to advanced modes, including 8 modes: IPPV; A/C; PCV; SIMV; SPONT/CPAP;PSV;SIGH;MANU.
Designed and manufactured simply by Perlong Medical with more than 23 years experience in this area.
Flexible configurations to suit your needs.
International typical and advanced technology well suited for wide range use.
Compact interface and big screen offer you better operating experience.
This ventilator features CPAP, APAP, BIPAP, S, T, S/T operating mode, works extremely well to enhance patient ventilation, but as well can be used in patients with rest breathing disorders.
The shipment contains the necessary pipes, valves, masks, etc., and does not contain devices and pipe fixing brackets.
Cost Effective Solution
· Unique metal-structured, autoclavable, heated exhalation valve
· Built-in circulation sensor, non-consumable design
· Upgradeable ventilation system Portable Medical Ventilator application, with an obtainable USB port

Optimal patient-ventilator synchrony, increase affected person comfort
· THE INITIAL Leak Compensation System - Keep exact control on the tidal level of each breath sent to the individual by adjusting compensation dosage automatically
· Advanced Trigger Technique - Enhance sensitivity, avoid spurious triggering

Safe Ventilation Through Complete Treatment Phase
Initial Treatment Phase
· Noninvasive ventilation mode connected with decreased intubation prices, shortened patient stays, improved patient relaxation, and a reduced risk of cross infection
· Preset patient's elevation and IBW. Reduce clinician's workload

Stable Condition Phase
· PRVC and BIVENT use lung-protective strategies, delivering intelligent ventilation
· Comprehensive lung mechanics monitoring include compliance, air way resistance, PEEPi and time constant
· Three waveforms & three loops with user-friendly display provide a continuous monitoring of the patient's condition

Weaning Phase
· Various ventilation modes enhance the weaning process
· The unique result in and leakage compensation system safeguards each and every patient breath leading to smooth and comfy breathing, staying away from extra workload on the patient and promoting recovery
· RSBI and WOB provide exact reference for weaning

Rehab Phase
· Data export port provides link with hospital monitors and Person Data Management Systems
· Gives pressure support for the patient when spontaneous breathing exists


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