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Latex Gloves

Medical gloves are disposable gloves employed during examinations and procedures to help prevent cross-contamination between caregivers and affected individuals. Medical gloves are created from numerous polymers including latex, polyvinyl chloride, nitrile rubber and neoprene; they arrive unpowdered, or powdered with corn starch to lubricate the gloves, making them easier to placed on the hands. Corn starch changed tissue-irritating lycopodium powder and talc, but even corn starch can impede curing if it gets into tissues(as during surgery). As such, unpowdered gloves are being used more often during surgery and additional sensitive procedures. Special manufacturing processes are used to pay for having less powder There are two primary types of gloves: evaluation and . Surgical gloves have more specific sizing with a better accuracy and sensitivity and so are made to a higher standard. Examination gloves are available as either sterile or non-sterile,while gloves are generally sterile
Besides medicine, gloves are actually widely used in chemical and biochemical laboratories. Medical gloves offer some basic coverage against corrosives and surface contamination. On the other hand, they are often penetrated by solvents and different hazardous chemicals, and really should not be utilized for dishwashing or otherwise when the task consists of immersion of the gloved submit the solvent. In a few industries with high frequency of glove substitute, it is generally recommended to work with disposable gloves, which can not merely avoid cross-infection, but as well greatly save the substitute cost, such as for example industry, laboratory, food processing industry and additional industries with substantial requirements on hygiene. Certificate: ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO13485 quality system certification, American FDA certification, EU CE certification, Japan certification, sign up certificate for machine in Canada and sign up certificate for gadget in China, EU-Declaration of conformity.
Product Feature: Rubber material features excellent elasticity, conforms to hand shape, reduces palm fatigue for long-term use; Convenient and considerate, no powder, no peculiar smell, muti-goal; Effective prevent slipping; Good stretch and puncture resistance; It’s very sensitive that you should wear gloves Package: 100pcs/container, 10 boxes/case,100 cases/carton Storage conditions and methods: Should be stored in a amazing and dry warehouse (interior temperature below 30 degrees, relative humidity below 80% is appropriate) 200mm above the ground on the shelf.
Merchandise Discription: Disposable vinyl gloves are polymer disposable plastic material gloves, which will be the fastest growing products in the protection gloves industry. Medical personnel and meals industry service personnel identify this product because it’s relaxed to wear, flexible to use, do not contain any organic latex ingredients, won't produce allergies. Certificate: ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO13485 quality system certification, American FDA qualification, EU CE qualification, Japan certification, sign up certificate for machine in Canada and registration certificate for unit in China, EU-Declaration of conformity. Technical Index: Merchandise StandardGB24786-2009 Applications: It’s trusted in household work, electric, chemical, aquatic industry, glass, food and other factory protection, hospital, additional industries and scientific exploration; Also trusted in semiconductor, precision electric components and instrument unit installation and sticky metal ware operation, high-tech merchandise installation and debugging, disk actuator, composite materials, LCD display desk, circuit board production range, optical products, other areas, Latex Gloves cosmetic salon, laboratory and hospital. Product Features: 1. Comfortable wearing, long wearing will not cause skin tension. Best for blood circulation. 2, do not contain amino substances and other harmful chemicals, rarely produce allergies. 3, strong tensile strength, puncture resistance, not easy to damage. 4, very good sealing, the most efficient to prevent the dust to distribute. 5. Excellent chemical resistance and resistance to particular ph. 6, no silicon composition, a certain antistatic performance, suitable for the electronic sector production needs. 7. The top chemical residue, ion content and particle content material are low, well suited for strict dust-free room environment


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